Platform and Vision

Town Board Priorities

Navigating in Woods

The Environment

We have some incredibly lovely parks and natural areas in Rush, from our property along the Genesee River, to our Stonybrook park, and to several open spaces right in the hamlet. To make sure these areas are accessible and maintained, I want to partner with multiple stakeholders to ensure these parks are protected and utilized well into the future.

I will commit to working with the Rush RPA to assist in finding grants and sources of funding so that projects benefiting recreation and conservation can move forward, even with a limited town budget. I will explore potential partnerships with nonprofits and other government agencies so to bring as many resources to Rush as possible. To learn more about work already being done to protect our 100 Acres park, you can visit the Rush RPA website:

Laptop Work


Information is moving online faster than ever, and the pandemic has only expedited this transition. With more people getting news from online sources, it will be critical for the town to develop a new communication strategy to ensure residents are informed and up-to-date on town activity.

As your councilmember, I will strongly advocate for expanding the town's online communication through an accessible, easy to use website, official Facebook page, and dedicated e-newsletters. These low-cost solutions will provide spaces for every town department, from the library to the highway department, to share updates and events from one central town source. It will still be important to keep print newsletters available as each resident gets news differently, but redundancy will benefit everyone. Great work has already been done by Supervisor Kusse, Councilwoman Corbin, and Deputy Supervisor Mosetti, and I am eager to keep the momentum going in the right direction.

For an example of a strategic municipal communication plan, check out this article:

Implementation Planning


Rush is a beautiful community to call home, and everyone should have the opportunity to live, work, and play here. Right now, though, we have a lack of housing for our senior residents and those that can't afford to purchase a home. I myself fall into this category, and want to make sure our zoning laws don't exclude types of housing that make our community more inclusive. Similarly, there are parts of town that struggle with access to clean, fresh water, waste water services, and other utilities.

With an updated comprehensive plan, we can set goals for long-term solutions in a number of categories. We can change our zoning to continue to preserve open space while ensuring Rush has a home for folks of every ability, background, and income. We can develop a plan for climate resiliency and address public utilities like fresh water, waste water, and internet. And, we can include every voice in planning where we can put renewable energy systems and other large developments.

To do this, we need input from as many residents as possible. I will help develop an initiative to collect feedback from our neighbors with proven techniques like this rural development guide used in many New York towns: